Andrea Morton

: Coach for Stressed, Overwhelmed Moms

Expert Overview

You want so much to be a great Mom and work hard at it, but sometimes you end up feeling pretty down on yourself.

You show up for everyone else, all of the time… but deep down, you feel whispers of exhaustion, resentment and/or frustration.

Occasionally you get emotionally flooded with your kids or spouse. You might either overreact or shut down.

Secretly a tiny part of you yearns to run away to somewhere quiet where you can be totally alone.  You may feel like you’ve lost a little (or a lot) of your identity after becoming a Mom.

Moms juggle so much - physically, mentally and emotionally.  It’s natural and normal to want support.

I help you improve your relationships while letting go of stress, overwhelm and negative self-talk. I help you to make sense of this phase of life while exploring what brings you joy, fun and purpose.

My style is compassionate, loving and direct. We will laugh together and I will also hold space for any tears.

You’ll make the most of new ways of thinking and many helpful mindset tools in order to feel healthy, balanced and fully alive.

Work with Me

To work with me, start here with my free “3 Strategies: Relationships and Romance After Kids” video course.

You can also listen to my podcast, “The Infinite Capacity Podcast” to get a sense of me as a coach and a mother.

I offer a limited number of 1:1 coaching packages to clients who get amazing results. You can book a Discovery Call or check out my website to learn more!

I am proud co-founder of the Growth and Grace Coaching Collective. Our mission is to provide outstanding life coaching at a super low price that ALL women can afford. We offer 1:1 and group coaching along with digital courses designed around these four pillars: awareness and aliveness, self-care, relationships and taking action.