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Andrea Morton

: The Midlife Mom Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I have degrees and certifications from Stanford University, the University of San Diego, UCSD and The Life Coach School. I taught elementary & middle school for almost 20 years... but that isn’t what matters about me as a coach.

Here is what matters:

When my three kids were little I once Googled, “Who takes care of moms?” late at night when I felt overwhelmed, broken and alone. For years I'd poured everything into my family and my job until I felt exhausted, frustrated and depressed. My health took a hit from stress. I consumed family-size bags of chips and didn’t take good care of my body.

It seemed like I’d lost my north star after becoming a mother… I’d always dreamed of a career, a relationship & a family… yet once I finally had all of that, I was shocked to realize that I still wasn’t happy and fulfilled in the way I’d expected I would be.

I yearned to feel happier, healthier, more confident and more ALIVE.

I wanted to go after new goals and show up as a better role model for my kids…
I just didn’t know how or where to start. Do you know what I mean?

This went on for a long time. I did a lot of searching. When I finally found life coaching in 2017 it changed everything for me.

I now coach midlife moms (35-55) to give them the kind of strong support, tools/strategies, accountability and warmth that I most needed when I was younger. My clients are mainly moms who often have kids in middle school, high school or beyond. I coach women from all over the world.

My coaching style is compassionate, loving and direct. My clients and I laugh a lot together, and I also hold space for their tears and anger.

I will help you to grow more confident, speak to yourself more kindly, and define your own healthy boundaries at work and in relationships (family and otherwise). I’ll support you in creating and sticking with powerful routines, discovering what really lights you up, and taking risks! I'll hold you accountable to your big goals.

Whether you are ready to improve communication and connection with your partner, go after the job you’ve always wanted, write the book you’ve been threatening to write, or lose those stubborn 15 lbs for the FINAL time… everything is possible and I am here for you!

Work with Me

Start here with my free “3 Strategies: Relationships and Romance After Kids” video course.

You can also listen to my podcast, “The Infinite Capacity Podcast” to get a sense of me as a coach and a mother.

I offer a limited number of 1:1 coaching packages to a small, select group of clients who get amazing results. You can book a Discovery Call to learn more!

In September 2021 I will be launching a low-cost monthly membership program with two other insanely talented LCS coaches. Contact me to get your name on our waiting list to lock in the one-time-only “Founding Members” price which will be an exceptional value!