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Andrea Scalici

: Life and Business Coach

Coaching Philosophy

You can grow your business and be present with your family during non-work hours. And actually enjoy your life!

Work with Me

You don't have to work 40-60-80 hour work weeks. You can grow your business in a smarter way and be happier in your life. There are 3 things we'll work on together in private 1:1 sessions to make it happen.

1. We'll simplify your business. You’ll get clarity on who your ideal client is, a simple marketing plan, a streamlined sales strategy that matches your strengths, and a client experience that blows your clients’ minds.

2. We'll create balance in your life. You’ll get control over your health or weight (if that’s important to you), firm boundaries around technology, strong relationships with people you love, and a plan to spend less time mowing the lawn and cleaning the house and more time having fun again. (Remember fun?!)

3. Third, we’ll work together to grow your business in a way that maintains simplicity and balance. Imagine how you’ll feel after your business has been simplified and you feel happy in your life again. Many business owners I work with describe it as feeling satisfied and fulfilled like never before. When you reach that place, we’ll work together to grow your business in a way that feels good to you.

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