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Arpita Gupta DePalma, MD

: Anger, Time, and Mindset Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women who struggle with the regret of their misdirected anger and the frustrations in their life.

I work with my clients to help them recognize that often times other underlying thoughts pertaining to areas such as self-worth, perfectionism, and time management are what contribute to their anger.

I am passionate about working with female professionals and stay at home moms, and as a pediatrician myself, I specifically understand the complexities that female physicians are challenged with on a daily basis.

Work with Me

While practicing medicine, raising our family, founding and managing my spouse's medical practice, starting my own business, and inevitably approaching burn out by trying to be perfect everywhere, I reached a point in my life at which I knew I didn't want things to continue as they were.

The excuses I had for not making a change (lack of time, money, approval from others) were exactly the reasons why I most needed to do it.

And when I realized this irony, I decided that I wanted my new found perspective to start as soon as possible. Wouldn't you?

I will be the flashlight to help find areas that are buried in your mind.

I will be the looking glass to help magnify what you may not see.

I will be an anchor to help you become grounded in what you choose to think and believe.

And I will be your cheerleader supporting you with love along your path.

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I'm excited about empowering you to take the lead on your journey.