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Asel Ormonova

: Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I love coaching humanitarians to design their ideal dream lives that they have always wanted. Life on purpose without unnecessary suffering and complaining.

I am in love with how all of this and more can be done simply working through our thoughts and feelings to create our results in life. Anything is possible as long as we put our minds and hearts to it.

Work with Me

If you are a humanitarian worker or an expat who wishes to:

  • renew passion to work that once was there
  • live life without always thinking about resting during RnR or vacation
  • live with lightness knowing that anything is possible and doable in life
  • remove stuckness, frustration, stress, complaining, overwhelm

and, in general, live life consciously and design it on purpose, I would love to work with you.

I am happy to lead sessions in English, German and Russian languages. I hope to be able to offer it in Spanish soon as well.