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Ashley Jangro

: Life Coach for Moms of Struggling Kids/Teens

Coaching Philosophy

I help moms whose kids are struggling with mental wellness.
Mom, if your child is struggling because of anxiety or depression, you are the perfect person to provide support.

As a former teacher, certified life coach, and most importantly, a mom, I am committed to positively impacting the declining mental health of the upcoming generation.

This begins with arming moms with the knowledge and tools to raise mentally strong kids. Together, we can impact the mental health of our families, which will continue on for generations.

Work with Me

My membership program, Mentally Strong Moms, helps you build your own mental strength, gain an experiential knowledge of strategies, and discern how and when to get outside support for you and/or your child. I also have limited 1:1 coaching availability.

To determine which is right for you, book a free strategy session here.