Ashley R. Wright

: The Get Over Yourself Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Dear Black Woman, you're ready to show up in all your light and glory– but you're hesitant. You're scared. Doubt makes more decisions for you than a little bit & hunniii, it's time for you to get over yourself!

I give Black women the space they need to redeem the time they've lost because they didn't think they were good, worthy, or ready enough. I help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs so you can thrive and create a life you look forward to daily!

With journaling as an optional supportive tool, you'll embrace emotion, tell your story your way, and write your way to freedom. It's time for you to own your story and let it work in your favor. We'll identify your life's desires and work through how you're getting in your own way love - It's time for you to shine and thrive!

Work with Me

It's simple really– I'd love to hold space for you to be you– beautiful, vulnerable, open, unapologetic and magically you! Click here to schedule a quick chat hunnii!