Aubyn Bone

: Surgical Support Coach for Women

Coaching Philosophy

More Stress? More Support!

Surgery is not just a trauma to your physical body, but also a challenge for your mental health. Together, body and mind will need more; more support from others, more time to heal, and more safe spaces where you can relax.

As part of your health team, I offer a program that is everything I wanted for my own surgeries: One-on-One coaching for a Healing Mindset and troubleshooting, guide booklet covering topics like 'what to expect from recovery' and 'how to set up your home for relaxation and safety', 'nutrition for healing' and 'movement for a healing body' guides to aid in healing guided journal prompts to stay mindful .

Patients who work on their mental health during recovery not only feel less depression and anxiety, they also:

  • Use less opioid medication overall and did not ask for medication extensions
  • Experience fewer days in the hospital
  • Confront fewer complications such as infections
  • Got back to 'normal' activities faster
  • Report overall more optimism about their future

Work with Me

My coaching program supports you before, during and after surgery. If you are about to undergo a relatively minor procedure or a complicated invasive surgery, coaching support is helpful through all of the physical and mental challenges. Use the FREE consultation call to speak to me about if this program is just what you need.

What is the program?

If you would like support for an upcoming surgery or a past surgery, this program is for you! I offer 6 weeks ($300) or 12 weeks ($600).
This program contains:

  • Private weekly coaching for 6 or 12 weeks.
  • A Healing Home booklet to help you plan everything from practical home tips to nutrition and movement.
  • 30-day journal with prompts specific to surgery and recovery.

If you love what you are learning and the support you are receiving, there is the option to renew or return to coaching as needed. Renewal by the same 6 or 12 week increments.

You do not need to have a recent surgery to sign up! There are many reasons why support for a past surgery may be desired.