Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached.

Aubyn Bone

: Certified Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help people who want a better relationship with their bodies. If you have ever felt embarrassed, limited, or betrayed with the skin you are in I can show you how to rewrite those thoughts you have on repeat. Life can be better without changing anything about your body, and you will adore the new way in which you act within the world. From this place of love and self-compassion you are happier, have better relationships, take more care of yourself and others, and thrive in even the most unexpected circumstances.

Work with Me

Through 1-1, weekly coaching, we will untangle messy-human-default brain and equip you with thoughts that work in our modern environment. Working with a coach is like working with a private tutor: you learn what is most relevant to you, faster, and all with the support of someone who knows you are an amazing human with amazing potential. Check out more info and schedule a free consultation call here.