Autumn Noble

: Life Coach for Female Attorneys

Expert Overview

Women entering the legal industry are more likely to experience harassment, imposter syndrome, and leave the profession altogether. I want to transform these statistics and change the face of the legal profession.

My coaching practice focuses solely on female attorneys and I see firsthand how few of us are taking proper care for ourselves. We are driven, successful people; every day we give everything we’ve got….and it is killing us. It is driving us out of this profession. My personal mission is to help women learn the power of “no” (my favorite complete sentence) and the power of boundary setting. It's time for a change. Are you in?

Work with Me

I am a certified executive life coach working exclusively with attorneys. I help my clients reclaim their voice. Navigate firm politics. Obtain greater work-life balance and find greater peace and happiness.

If you find yourself on an island in your professional life, struggling to find your path in a world where you can’t seem to fit in, I can help you.

I spent 10 years building up my practice and eventually founding and leading a practice group at a large corporate law firm before moving in-house with a Fortune 300 company. I’ve been through the grind and I intimately know these challenges. Take advantage of my experiences to find your next success.

You deserve it.

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