Barb J Campbell

: Life Coach

Expert Overview

I'm a nurse. I know stress. Overwhelm. BurnOut. I used to wear it like a badge of honour.

I've been to the precipice contemplating suicide. I was stuck in muck and mire of BurnOut. It took me 15 years to get the help I needed. My mission is to prevent years of needless suffering and struggle.

Helping Nurses and other humans out of a life of stress one call at a time.

Anxiety, stress, and burnout have become buzz words for Health Care Workers.

I have real viable solutions for getting Front Line Nurses and other Health Care Professionals out of the rut of stress and into a life of peace despite a Global pandemic.

Work with Me

Lets chat.  I'll discover what your issues are and together we will get you out of the Stress of Messy Feelings and into a world of peace joy and calm  Click here.