Bayla Abdurachmanov

: The Life Coach for Jewish Women

Expert Overview

As the founder of CBC Academy, I offer real and lasting solutions to everyday challenges for busy Jewish women. Whether you are struggling with finding your bashert, or navigating the challenges of daily mom life, or trying to keep sane while managing the household and holding down your 9-5, we help you take life from ordinary to extraordinary.

We take the principles of cognitive behavioral coaching (the model) and align it with the foundation of Torah to help you live a life of true "menuchas hanefesh" (peace of mind).

The goal is to master your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you can create more of the results that you do want in your life AND eliminate the results that you don't want in your life. In doing so, you open a clearing to CREATE a life that aligns naturally with your values, rather than living life as a reaction to everything happening around you (which—let's face it—that's default mode for the human brain).

What makes my approach unique is that it combines the model with Torah principles about how our thoughts shape reality. We rely strongly on the concept of "bitachon" (complete trust in Hashem our G-d). Our aim is to draw close to G-d in everything that we do in our daily lives and allow the flow of bracha (blessings) to naturally spring forth.

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