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Bayla Abdurachmanov

: Identity Coach for Moms

Coaching Philosophy

I'm an Identity Coach for Moms and Matrescence Educator.

I'm also the creator of the Awaken to You™ for Moms coaching program, where I support women through the identity shift from "me" to "we" that occurs with each and every birth.

Matrescence is the process of "becoming" in motherhood that spans many months and even years. It's that time when a mom asks herself, "who am I now?" and "how do I manage all of this?"

I help moms overcome the confusion and overwhelm that is so often a part of this process by understanding the changes that are taking place on a biological level in their brain, on a psychological level, and on an emotional level.

I believe that we don't just birth our baby after nine months, we birth a new version of ourselves.

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