Beth Hillman

: Parents of Struggling Teens Coach

Expert Overview

If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, disappointed, or heartbroken about your teen’s choices, you are not alone. Sending our just 16-year-old to wilderness therapy was one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make. It was also one of the absolute best decisions for him and us. I have walked this road and can now help you no matter what struggles you or your teen are facing.

When your child is in crisis, you may be thinking “How in the world can I possibly focus on me right now!?” But if your child IS in crisis, then you MUST start working on your own “way of being”  in order to help things go better.

I’m here to help you connect with your teen instead of reacting to their behavior. I will teach you how to gain clarity amid your emotions, find perspective through the struggle, and experience progress in your relationship with your teen.

Please don’t wait another moment. I created my coaching program just for you. It is a way forward to help things go better. It was made with compassion, experience, training, and a strong belief that the same principles and tools that changed my life can change yours too. My own journey as a parent of 5 boys and my training as a certified life coach and Arbinger facilitator has turned my pain into purpose, which is to now help you. You are not alone. Sign up for my complimentary session and let’s talk – because there’s no place like hope.

Work with Me

I coach 1:1 and small groups. Just visit my website to connect.


You are worried, confused, and looking for what to do next with your teen

You are looking for relief from the feelings of panic and worry

You are ready to take charge of your role in the equation and work on yourself

You are reactionary to your teen’s behavior

You find yourself frequently thinking about the worst-case scenario

You want to parent in a more helpful way


How to act from a place of peace and avoid reacting to fear

How to gain confidence in your own enlightened intuition as a parent

Why your belief in your teen is crucial

How to separate your teen from their actions

How to improve your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your teen

How to take responsibility for your emotions and intentionally choose how you want to feel

How to separate your emotions from your teen’s choices

How to help things go better at home and with your teen