Betsy Jensen

: Body and Mind Life Coach

Expert Overview

My combination of Neuroscience research,  Life Coach tools, and somatic work has proven to be a powerful method to help people not only understand but  heal their chronic pain or disease.

I show you how to use the power of your thoughts to heal your  body, through  decreasing  stress and getting  out of chronic fight or flight.  I teach you to become embodied- by connecting with your body instead of fighting and fearing it.  And I help you find and develop your intuition- a state where you rely on your body’s signals for inner wisdom, rather than mental chatter from the mind.

You can make peace with your body, and use your body cues as your superpower!  YOU CAN REWIRE YOUR BRAIN TO CREATE LESS PAIN!

Work with Me

If you are experiencing chronic body pain and you want to explore how to heal your symptoms naturally, I can help.   Sign up HERE for a free 60 minute consult call with me and let’s  talk about your specific situation.

Listen HERE to my podcast, Unstoppable Body and Mind, for a whole new way to view pain and your body.

Click HERE for 3 Brain Hacks to start to heal your chronic pain or disease