Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached.

Betsy Slay

: The Next Best Version Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help midlife women transform into the next best version of themselves.

Work with Me

What does the next best version of you look like?

  • Have you found freedom from diet culture?
  • Do you have a satisfying morning routine?
  • Are your relationships healthy and thriving?
  • Have you tamed an overdrinking habit?
  • Do you prioritize regular joyful movement?
  • Are you setting goals with clarity and intention?
  • Do you prioritize restorative sleep and rest?
  • Are you confident in managing your time and money?
  • Does your inner world create peace and calm?
  • Does your outer world reflect your true identity?

If you’re ready to transform into your next best version, let’s go!

  • Our first session will be a complimentary 30-minute mini session on Zoom. We will discuss where you are now, where you’d like to be and how I can help you.   Click here to schedule your mini session.