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Billiejo Mullett

: Blended Family Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Step Moms, you are not alone. Being a stepmom brings up unique challenges that no one else understands - but it doesn't have to be HARD. I can show you how....

Work with Me

There are over 14 million Step Moms in the United States alone. And yet, no one is talking about how difficult this job is or how to successfully survive it. As a Step Mom and Bio-Mom I know how it feels to brace for impact on transition days, the powerlessness of feeling like everyone else has a say in your life but you, and the guilt of secretly regretting your decision to blend families at all. I know you because I was you, and I am you. And I'm here to show you that the happiness, peace, love, and 'real' family you dreamed of is still possible. So, come work with me and I'll teach you REAL solutions to dealing with difficult Exes, navigating different parenting styles, and chaos proof your marriage.

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