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Bob Smith

: Stop Settling and Start Creating Coach for Mormon Men

Coaching Philosophy

You've settled for less than what you really want in your your relationships, your money, your physical health, or your mission & purpose.

And guess what? It isn't because of your work ethic, your spirituality, your intellect or because you’re not worthy of an amazing life. You've settled and are stuck in some area of your life for one simple didn't realize that something better it is available to you.

I was on autopilot for 39 years of my life.  Then came my massive awakening experience in 2016 that led to me deciding to end my 17-year marriage.  That painful moment took me to a crossroad of either sinking into self-destruction or really figuring out how to make my life what I wanted it to be...and thankfully I chose door number 2.  Within a short period of time, everything changed:

  • I lost 27 pounds and was in better shape than in my late 20s
  • I bought a beautiful place to live
  • I had great bonding experiences with my kids and family members
  • I established a great network of friends
  • I started a business like I had dreamed of
  • I increased my net worth 600% and paid off my car (amid paying alimony and max child support)
  • I had the intimate relationship I'd always wanted

And now I ask you...are you ready for something more?

Work with Me

I am passionate about helping Mormon men clearly identify what YOU want in all areas of your fulfilling, joyous life. And then pinpoint exactly where you are getting stuck and customize a solution uniquely fit for you. And I would be honored to work with you.

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