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Brenda Lomeli

: The Last 10 Coach, Weight loss Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help my clients lose their last stubborn pounds and get to their goal, for the last time.

I’ve very strategically designed THE LAST 10 process where a woman knows:
Most importantly: ON HER OWN TERMS.

KEEPING THE PARTS OF HER she’s not wanting to give up.

All while actually feeling SO good. Empowered. Up-leveled.

Since then I’ve helped 100’s of powerhouse women that are leaders in their industry, trail blazers in their homes and communities… kicking ass and taking names in SO many aspects of their lives, incredibly brilliant- but yet struggling with this one piece. I believe women deserve to stop struggling and constantly thinking about losing weight so they can utilize all their drive, energy, and motivation for all the things that matter to them SO MUCH MORE.

This method isn’t about a cookie cutter approach for cookie cutter results and cookie cutter lives...

The Last 10™ Method is about YOU, getting the next-level results you want on your own terms.

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Work with Me

Physicians hire me. Nutritionists Hire me.
I’m the one other weight loss coaches hire when they can’t seem to figure something out. (Yes, the method I created is THAT good.)

But you will NEVER hear me say that ‘FOOD IS ONLY FUEL’.
That’s just not how I roll. That also JUST NEVER WORKED.
(btw It probably isn’t working for you either, otherwise you wouldn't be here...)  When it comes to results, I believe that women have the ability to BOTH experience the results they love AND enjoy things like moms enchiladas, the family signature casserole at a BBQ, or your favorite drink when celebrating something special with friends… WITHOUT THE EXHAUSTING SABOTAGE.  It’s all strategy, baby.

Everyone knows ‘kale’ is good for you. The nutrition info- that’s easy.
But how to create space for ENJOYING the things you love and are meaningful for you…  WITHOUT sabotaging your next-level personal goals?
THAT is my jam.

The Last 10™ method I created is a simple, smart & comprehensive approach with the mission of empowering millions of women to completely put an end to their struggle with weight & food, and be able to live their life enjoying results THEY love without apology.

My coaching style is one that puts YOU at the foundation. Your needs, your brain, your body, your emotions. When it comes to decision making about food and your weight they’re all a part of what makes you empowered.

Other Degrees & Other Certifications- Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy & Lifestyle Redesign- University of Southern California. Women’s Hormone Wellness & Nutrition, Whole Foods Cuisine Culinary Training, Functional Nutrition, Nutrition for Holistic Weight loss.

Most importantly, I am a woman.

A woman, who spent ALL TOO MUCH TIME thinking about this and trying to figure it out. I  know very well what it feels like to feel dissatisfied with my body, frustrated with my weight, unable to figure out how to take the best care of myself when life felt challenging (exhibit A- that time when I gained 25 pounds being the only Latina in my graduate school program, and not knowing how else to deal with all the demands, pressure, and stress I was navigating...).

Can you believe at one point I weighed almost 200 lbs?! (197lbs to be exact!)
All together I lost 80 pounds, and I figured out how to keep it off with ease, with love, with joy.

Fast forward to today, I have WAY more responsibilities than I did back in graduate school- I’m the mom of a very energetic toddler, I run a multiple 6-figure company, I’m an active participant in my community, I host a weekly podcast… and SO MUCH MORE. When I tell you that I can understand the many hats that women wear, I really do. But I can also tell you that I’ve discovered and created process will help you ditch the weight you’re not loving but without sacrificing things that matter so much to you.

In fact, I would have never been able to imagine that I would be able to take than mental energy and that brain space to: write a book, start a business (I’ve now 5x’d my earning potential!)... and the most priceless thing of all: (yes even more priceless than 5x my $$$) is that now when I go on vacation anywhere in the world I don’t spend a single second worrying about food or my weight or feeling uncomfortable taking a family picture. I can focus on my daughter's face and the way she’s amazed looking at the ocean waves playing in the sand for the first time... feeling joyful and present sitting there in a 2 piece AND excited to take as many family pictures as possible!

It is a dream come true to be in a place where I love this part of my life. I love my relationship with food. I love my results. There’s no hesitation whatsoever about struttin my stuff.  At all. I dropped the weight, I dropped the worry, I dropped the struggle. I freed up my mind and my life expanded, it feels richer than ever.

When I say ‘deprivation-free’, that really is an understatement.

When I stopped spending so much time struggling, my life got BIGGER (not smaller!).

With this simple (but very effective!) and strategic approach- I have completely transformed my results- ON MY OWN TERMS.
... and guess what?
So. can. you.

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