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Brie Stockwell

: The Creative Minds Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help artists, writers, photographers and other creatives turn their dreams into reality with LESS stress stress and TONS more fun!

Work with Me

What’s getting in the way of your creative dreams? Maybe you’ve tried to power through but keep getting stuck. You’ve tried all you know (and ALL the other advice too) and are still frustrated that you aren’t living the creative life you want.

What if you could...

  • Honor ALL your creative ideas AND choose one that’s “right” for you right now?
  • Ditch the procrastination and gain the ability to start AND finish with confidence?
  • Gain the balance you want in life AND be “all in” on achieving your goals by mastering the same 24 hours you’ve always had?
  • Have all the time and energy you want without sacrificing the things you NEED to do?
  • See EVERYTHING stopping you AND know exactly how to overcome it all every time?
  • Empower your awesome creative brain to find all the money you need?
  • Turn stress and overwhelm into ALL the fun you want to have and actually enjoy the process of turning your dream into reality?

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