Brig Johnson

: Life and Mindset Coach for High Achieving Black Women

Expert Overview

I am a champion for High Achieving Black Women, being one myself. I spent years figuring out why I couldn't put the puzzle to sustained success together, although it seemed I had all the correct pieces. I bought numerous programs, books, training, and yet still ended up stuck, feeling frustrated, and defeated. I frequently thought it was me. Luckily for my clients and me, I have taken all these years of struggle and combined it with the curiosity of thought work to uncover hidden thought patterns unique to the culture that keeps us stuck and unable to break through to success in a fun way. I did the work to uncover that it was never me. It was my thinking. The thinking passed on by each generation needed to keep me safe that now keeps us stuck and exhausted.

I help High Achieving Black Women break through this mental barrier to creating the life they want and succeed at work, home, life, and enjoy it!

Work with Me

Suppose any of this sounds familiar.  If you, too, know you have all the things necessary to succeed yet can't put the puzzle together, let me tell you the good news.  It's NOT YOU. It's simply your thinking.  That's great because that's a fix we can do together.  Unlearning and rewiring your brain can be fun in the right environment.  I'm a master a creating that environment.

Reach out. Let's chat.  Schedule a free breakthrough call at the link on my website.