Bryan Goodwin

: Men's Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

My core philosophy is that you have the power to do whatever you want in your life. Nobody can make you miserable nor can they make you happy. That is all up to you. I do live my life with the 4 pillars of a relaxed male. These pillars don't provide you with fulfillment but they give you a good foundation to pursue that fulfillment.

The 4 pillars are

Man's Mind - Keep reading, keep learning never stop learning.

Man's Body - Keep moving. Eat right and get some movement n each day.

Man's Soul - This is the passion project you want to work on. What feeds your soul? This right here feeds your soul.

Man's Community - This pillar is the one that is the most egregiously ignored in today's man. Men don't have a group of strong masculine men in their life. They often turn to their wife or girlfriend and this creates more aggravation and resentment. It doesn't fix the problems found in a good strong marriage.

With these 4 pillars, men are able to find the purpose and energy needed to help build a better relationship with their family, neighborhood, town, and society.

We are meant to find fulfillment and purpose in our life. When we are aimless and aren't striving for the better this is where our unhappiness and discontent come from.

Work with Me

Men, we are the source of all our suffering. We get up, go to work come home, eat and watch television, go to bed, and then wonder why our wives don't find us alluring. Our sons don't turn to us for advice. We don't get called to volunteer at the church. Working with me You and I can get to the root of why you don't have the type of connection with your wife you have wanted. You aren't going on those hunting trips you dreamed of. We can get you out of the stressed-out mind trap you are in and get you on a path to a fulfilling life. We remove the nice guy in your life and celebrate the masculine man who is now living his life on his terms.