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Caleb Price

: The College Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help college students stop letting anxiety, indecision, and perfectionism take over their lives so they can confidently create the life they want. As a Latter-day Saint myself, I understand all the complexities of that faith and can also help those wanting to be freed from the anxiety they feel in that faith, but I’m completely open and unbiased in coaching those of all faiths.

Being a college student who suffered from all kinds of anxiety, I can personally attest that it's possible to be free from anxiety in all its forms. Worrying about what other people are thinking at a party, panicking if you studied enough before a test, and doubting over where you're going in life, IS ALL OPTIONAL.

You can break up with anxiety! It's possible to reach your goal, it's possible to change your life, it's possible to be sure of your purpose in life. I can show you how.

Work with Me

As one of the only male young adult coaches in the industry, I am a unique fit ready to take on any challenge. I promise I can make your transformation breakthrough right here! Sign up for a FREE coaching call right now.

I offer the perfect program for college students and young adults to fit in their schedules while giving them the best value they can manage in their budget. In just 6 weeks, I can help you Break Up with Anxiety and seek the transformation you dream about. Don’t wait to finally live life with confidence instead of anxiety.