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Caleb Price

: The College Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help burnt-out college students reach their dreams, find their purpose in life, and do it "all" without being overwhelmed by their busy schedule, anxiety, or lack of confidence.

As a college student myself, I saw how much of an impact coaching can have on our generation and decided to be that opportunity to help people like me feel so much better about their lives.

It's possible to reach your goal, it's possible to change your life, it's possible to be sure of your purpose in life. I can show you how.

Work with Me

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I offer the perfect program for college students and young adults to fit in their schedules while giving them the best value they can manage in their budget.

For just $50/month, you can sign up for Mind Management University, my group coaching monthly membership where you will get group coaching and a webinar in a community of like-minded individuals each week while getting a monthly 1:1 session where we can be more vulnerable and make deeper progress individually. Trust me, in just one month, you'll already feel better about the life you are living.