Cali Pope

: Strengthening Relationships Coach

Expert Overview

Are you struggling with the relationships in your life?
Do you find yourself not enjoying your own company?
Are you experiencing a lack of connection to those around you?
Do you have an on-again, off-again relationship with God?
Are you tired of fighting with your spouse, family, or friends?
Is the relationship you have with money or food causing problems in your life?

Relationships are the means to fulfilling our basic human needs: to belong, be loved, be heard, and be seen.

My mission, as a coach, is to change YOUR world by strengthening one relationship at a time, starting with you.

Work with Me

I am a Jesus-loving, single mother of four. My home is a beautiful mixed sanctuary of brown and white, active and inactive, believing and non-believing, and everything in between. I was born of goodly parents... well actually, super patient parents, who raised seven rambunctious children, me being number 4.

My overall goal in life is to strengthen relationships and create amazing memories with purpose.

Relationships you may be struggling with might include:
• Yourself
• Spouse or partner
• Children
• Parents or siblings, in-laws
• Bosses or employees
• Friends
• Community
• God/Church members
• Food
• Finances

Let's work together to find the program you're currently operating from and then give yourself an upgrade.

The common denominator in your life will always be you. Let's STRENGTHEN this relationship first.