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Cam Nichols

: The Authentic Confidence Coach for Introverts

Coaching Philosophy

I help anxious and overwhelmed introverts overcome negative self-talk and become authentically confident from the inside out.

That critical voice in our mind doesn't always tell the truth. When we believe its judgments and fear-mongering, we don't go after what we want or need.

In a world geared towards extroverts, we’re taught that if we don't show up a certain way we're “wrong” or “broken.” But the truth is we're just wired differently. When we step into our authentic confidence, we find out what our superpowers are and those things that used to take up a lot of energy, are so much easier!

I can help you get out of the "fake it 'til you make it" energy and upgrade your personal narrative so you can finally go after what you want.

"Change how you show up in the world, then go out and change the world." - Cam Nichols

Work with Me

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