Cam Nichols

: Empowerment Coach for Sensitive Souls

Expert Overview

As sensitive people, we think and feel deeply. We’re more sensitive to our environment and the people around us. We’re more prone to burnout, negative self-talk, and the loss of our core selves in relationships. We're often misunderstood and/or criticized for being who we are or seeing life through a different perspective just because we’re wired differently than 80% of the world.

But here’s the thing…

Your sensitivity and intense emotions are not a weakness–they are your superpowers! YOU’RE F*CKING AMAZING!!! And I know you know this deep down (or you wouldn’t be reading this!).

Over the years, you’ve been beaten down by others (and yourself). That critical voice in our mind doesn't always tell the truth. When we believe the judgments and fear-mongering, we don't go after what we want or need.

But now is your time to SHINE! As the world shifts into a kinder, softer, more authentic, and genuine age, we’re here to be examples of how to make this world a better place. And it starts with YOU finding your voice so you can self-advocate and express yourself in all your badassery!

I understand that changing your self-perception is not an easy task (or you would have done it already!). Which is why we focus on both your conscious AND subconscious mind. By transforming how you think about yourself, you find the deepest, most genuine, and most potent self-trust that propels you into going after and getting whatever it is the hell you want.

"Shining bright gives others permission to shine as well." - Cam Nichols

Work with Me

Learning how to trust your intuition and navigate your energy and emotional cycles is what allows you to create the anchor of safety you need to confidently express your unique voice and advocate for your wants and needs. This is how you build the incredible and meaningful relationships you want. This is how you create a fulfilling life that aligns with who you really are so you can naturally thrive!

The natural world and specifically the main five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) can teach us a lot about ourselves–we’re made of them, after all! I created a fun ‘What Element Are You?’ quiz and 46-page e-book that I would like to gift you to help you uncover your secret strengths and natural intuitive abilities. Click here to take advantage.

So stop hiding and start living! Get out of the "fake it 'til you make it" energy so you can finally go after what you want without feeling like a fraud all the time. If you know deep down that you’re a sexy magical being and are ready to rediscover the buried treasures inside you, then let’s dive in! Click here  to schedule your connection call and let’s chat.

“Change how you show up for yourself in your world, then go out and change the world!” - Cam Nichols