Camille Grandidier

: Holistic Wellness Coach

Expert Overview

I help business women to be well in their bodies and in their lives. I help them find their own balance.

My journey in dealing with my body and food has allowed me to understand what I really want and has led me to trust myself enough to make it happen. This is what I humbly propose to guide you towards.

  • Allowing yourself to be fully yourself, unconditionally.
  • Feeling all the emotions that are part of life.
  • Finding your balance and the path to your fulfillment.

I teach the use of coaching and personal development in a simple and intuitive way.

Work with Me

With coaching, I will help you create significant changes in your life by feeling grounded, centered and aligned.

As a holistic wellness coach, I will work with you on the pillars of balance.

This is what my coaching sessions can achieve:

  • A reconnection to your body and a higher level of well-being
  • An intuitive and natural approach to eating and exercise
  • A more conscious and intentional life
  • Less guilt, frustration, worry and anxiety about food and physical appearance
  • More time and energy to devote to the things that really matter
  • More confidence to accomplish all your goals and dare to take on new projects

We only have one life, one body, one brain. Self-discovery is a wonderful journey, well worth the effort.

Would you like to undertake it with me?

Schedule a free discovery session HERE.