Carly Thornock

: Love Your House Coach

Expert Overview

Helping soulful mamas create houses they live to love in.

Home is about way more than beauty-- but you know that already.

Intentional Homies learn how to love deeply, make choices confidently, style simply and skillfully, and use each space in their house to magnify their connection with God, self, family, and guests. And the best part is that this connection can happen no matter the state of the toy room or kitchen sink.

From clutter overwhelm to new house decision fatigue to kid and chore drama, I teach you how to show up at home as your best self and then to create (from love!) the beautiful, functional, and meaningful house of your dreams.

Ready to transform your house into a connection-magnet to strengthen your most valuable relationships? Let's go.

Work with Me

Building a new house?


Pondering a renovation?

Wanting to maximize, organize, and magnify?

You're in the right place.

In the Home Love Lab, my group coaching program, you'll learn the basics of showing up FROM love to design your home FOR love.

You'll master how the model applies to all things house and home, and learn the Grand Master Plan process of design that will make putting your house together feel easy breezy.

If you want personal support through the home design process (from spatial layout and blueprints to paint selection to mantle styling) and an expert eye on your design choices, sign up for my 1:1 VIP Personal Coaching program.

You'll find yourself loving your house in its real life, beautiful, unhurried state just as much as when it's immaculately cleaned at 10:45 pm (when the kids are in bed). You might even find yourself cursing laundry less, basking in the beauty of a well styled bed, and loving the invitations of sofa throw pillow mayhem... all at the same time... and all with an eye toward cultivating meaningful relationships.