Carole Méziat

: French Coach for High Achieving Professionals

Expert Overview

It's hard to find our rhythm when everything has to be done in a minute.

Can we have a dynamic career without burning ourself out or sacrificing our personal life?

Stay cool, choose our fights, say no, be less demanding: it's easy to say.

But is it really doable? Is what is expected of us humanly realistic?

"We are not robots" was born from this observation.

Through my podcast, my newsletter, my coaching programs and trainings, I want to put our human functioning back at the center of our lifestyles and our ways of working.

To find our breath again.
To decrease the pressure.
To (re)enjoy working.
To make space for our personal projects.
To live the life that really suits us.

Work with Me

We are not robots.

We can't do always more, always faster, with yet the same quality level, without breaking down.

I help you taking back control of your rhythm, to continue progressing in your professional life, without sacrificing your health and your personal life.

To find out more about how to work with me, you can check my website On n'est pas des robots.
You might as well contact me via email or LinkedIn, I'll be more than happy to have a chat with you.