Caroline Bjorkquist

: Running Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

I believe that the only thing holding you back from reaching your athletic goals is your thoughts. Through the last 5 years of coaching athletes, I've seen a complete shift from years of pain to running completely pain-free by changing not only your running technique but changing your thoughts when your tun. It's as simple as it sounds, but harder that you would think to do.

Work with Me

I am a runner and work with a running technique coach. Together we help you change your movement in order to run pain-free, however, this isn't as easy as it sounds. Runners have surrounded but beliefs about themselves, their ability, and the sport that simply aren't true. That's where I can help. You can work with me on motivation or race strategy. Or you can join both my business partner and me at RunRX and learn the prescription to run pain-free, and also your mindset on learning something in a completely new way... running.