Cathi Whaley MD

: The Everything Coach for Busy Mid-Career Professionals

Expert Overview

Do you believe you live a privileged life but something is missing? Are you hiding that belief like a shameful secret? Are you overwhelmed, confused, or trapped without any idea as to how to feel better? Do you hold on for dear life for the next vacation where you can take care of yourself just a smidge or show up for your family reliably?

As the Everything Coach for busy mid-career professionals, I help you improve the quality of your life without burning your life to the ground.

Sound impossible? It’s not! I along with the many people I’ve coached are proof otherwise.

But sometimes as we clarify our goals, we find out that we truly do wish to burn it all down. So if that is you, we ride at dawn! I will help you gain clarity about the path forward and walk alongside you as you execute it.

My philosophy is simple. I meet you where you are, help you reconnect with your true priorities for your personal life, professional life, work-life balance, and anything else you can think of and then we go out and get it.

In me you will have a dedicated support person to walk alongside you as you create a life you don’t need a vacation from and work towards feeling better permanently.

Work with Me

In the spirit of meeting you where you are, I offer several different support options:

Free Podcast- Permission to Burn Your Manual 

Restorative Wellness Coaching Collective for Women only - Group Membership Program

1:1 Coaching all starts with a consultation to determine if we are a good fit. In 1:1 Coaching your experience is customized for you. Consultations can be booked when convenient for you. Don't see a time that works for you? Send me an e-mail and we will find a time.

Not sure what you need? Just book a free chat and we will figure it out TOGETHER. Book Here.