Cathi Williams

: Life & Wellness Coach

Expert Overview

I help leaders become mentally and physically fit. Leaders are on the frontlines building a positive culture and driving essential tasks forward. Great leaders are masters of time management and interpersonal relationships. Yet, so many leaders struggle with overwhelming demands between their personal and professional lives that drain their energy and hinder their ability to lead effectively.

We firmly believe that with the right care, support, and guidance, these leaders can shape a culture and value that has positive ripple effect on the entire company. Recognizing the toll recent years have taken on leaders, many companies are turning to coaching to reignite their leaders’ strengths and passions, empowering them to communicate their vision clearly and gain their enthusiasm for driving that vision forward.

As a life and wellness coach, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator, I help people unlock the best version of themselves. With over 20 years in the wellness space and 10 years of life coaching, I’ve helped mid-level executives to innovative CEOs and entrepreneurs build mental strength, confidence, and fulfillment.

I am passionate about creating spaces to share, learn, and grow. I lead with heart, teaching groups to handle life's big moments through the EO Network and hosting workshops that help people redefine their “why”. My lunch and learns and half day retreats, blend physical and mental wellness strategies with mindfulness practices, meditation, and yoga. I'm proud to have brought this blend of energy and serenity to many companies, including a standout event for Hyatt Hotels' top 100 clients.

Work with Me

I work with clients 1:1 over zoom or work with organizations in group settings through workshops and speaking.

1:1 Coaching
Sometimes, life’s demands weigh so heavily that we’re left navigating sticky situations that consume precious mental space. Through personalized coaching that addresses both personal and professional aspects of life, you’ll acquire skills that improve your interactions with staff, clients, and time management. Leaders engaged in 1:1 coaching transform 10x as fast on average, amplifying their impact and improving their approach.

Following a 360-review, Cathi will meet with your team and design a tailored 6-9 month program that fosters collective growth and learning. What makes workshops invaluable is the introduction of healthy language that nurtures encouragement, support, and mutual accountability among your leadership team. This isn't just about individual growth; it's about forging stronger bonds within the team, fostering resilience, and cultivating added value.

Invite Cathi to address your group and inspire them to dig deeper within themselves. Her presentation is sure to help your team find confidence, embrace compassion, and pave the way for a stronger culture, enhanced communication, and higher productivity.

To download my media kit, visit this link HERE.