Cathi Williams

: Life Coach for the Entrepreneur's Spouse

Coaching Philosophy

I am the coach for the spouse of an entrepreneur or high-level professional that is the rock for their family.   You want to be valued and appreciated by your family but feel exhausted, disconnected, and resentful instead.  The problem is you are giving so much physically and emotionally to everyone you love that you are not getting your needs met.  Your ability to be a good mom and partner keeps sliding further downhill.

I've been there, I feel your pain.  As an entrepreneur's spouse myself, I kept falling farther away from who I was and felt alone.  I believe you can find companionship when you understand your beliefs, needs, and dreams are in life. Once you get an understanding you will learn how to care for yourself and communicate your needs and desires with compassion. When you have that, you are able to give freely and authentically to everyone you love.

As your coach you will learn what you need to be the best version of you and be empowered to take the right actions.  You will develop your self-confidence and ability to communicate your desires and needs vs staying quiet.  You will be the strong leader of your family that is full of laughter, fulfilment and joy.

Work with Me

As a certified life coach I have helped hundreds of people develop their confidence, love, and relationships through one-on-one coaching, speaking, and workshops.

If you are interested in learning more, click here to experience coaching or talk about an event you have coming up.  I meet with my clients on a weekly basis through zoom.  I look forward to helping you become the most authentic and real version of you in all of your relationships.