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Cecelia Baum Mandryk

: Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Hi there- I’m Cecelia. I’m a general life coach and I can help you with two things:

-Feeling better in your everyday life
-Getting the result(s) you want in life

The result you want may be making a big change in your life (career, relationship, a move), starting a business, loving your body, getting in touch with want you want in life, feeling less stuck, losing weight, or really anything that life throws at you.

I use a simple 5 step process so that whatever feels out of your reach is available.

Work with Me

You need this work in your life.

Click here to schedule a consultation to work together 1:1- the consultation is a 45-60 min conversation about what coaching will bring to your life and how we can work together.

Feeling better is a few weeks away and the results you want are within your reach.