Cecelia Baum Mandryk

: Self Discipline and Habit Coach

Expert Overview

The habits you have and maintain create the person you are and the results you have in your life.

You don't struggle with getting to the gym, changing your relationship with food or alcohol, shifting how you talk with your friends or about yourself, or your work-life balance because it's difficult.

You struggle because you're using willpower to change your actions instead of self love to change your mindset.

I help women in their 30s and 40s cultivate self discipline using self love.

Using wisdom over willpower, we name and create the habits you want so you can feel amazing in your life.

I changed my life through habits when I:
- Clearly named what I was changing and why
- Worked with belief, action, exception, obstacle, and failure plans
- Learned how to recognize my thoughts and feel my feelings

And I can help you do that same.

Whether you want to change your life or just your morning routine, I'm your coach. Let's get started.

Work with Me

If you want different habits or more ease with the habits you have, reach out and let's talk about working together.

I work with people 1:1 and in small groups through my process that guarantees changes. Send me an email through the contact button to the left of your screen and we'll schedule a time to discuss which option is best for you right now.

The life and habits you want are a few weeks away.