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Chandra Zas

: Food and Mood Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help parents and individuals feel better, stress less, and fall in-love with nourishing foods so they can live happy-healthy lives.

You see, the baseline to health is diet, stress, and lifestyle which most people know yet struggle to embody. The internal food and mood battle of wanting to eat healthy and show up emotionally stable is real. The problem is the beliefs around what is actually food and what to do when we feel bad has led most people into a loop of feeling bad, eating comfort foods and spinning in stress.

At the age of two, I saw a number of specialist doctors for my head to toe eczema. By the time I was fifteen I was overweight and depressed. It was not until I cleaned up my diet and learned how to deal with my emotions that my health became possible.

In my 6 month food and mood program, I work one to one with my clients to help them understand and shift the root cause of their food and mood struggles. By the end of the program they clearly know which foods nourish them and which foods hinder their feeling healthy, they know how to internally manage their stress without using food or drinks to relax and chill, and they have more time and energy for what really matters in their life.

You can 100% feel healthier and happier, you can stop over-stressing, you can end your internal food battles and easily choose foods that make you feel good because you are in-love with nourishing foods that do so. You can feel more embodied and comfortable in your own skin. You can respond to life's stressors without over-reacting and instead by responding how you want to respond.

If you have the want, I have the how-to.

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