Chandra Zas

: The Health Coach for Falling in Love with Healthy

Coaching Philosophy

Chandra Zas is the health coach who helps humans fall-in-love with healthy. I treat "healthy" as an accumulation of making daily loving decisions that serve our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The two greatest organs impacting our health, wellness, and performance are our brain and our gut. Our brain and gut are more interconnected than most think.

We have more input than we take responsibility for: diet, stress, and lifestyle habits are what create health or lack of.

Did you know that our gut sends more signals to our brain than our brain does to our gut?

Our bodies have deep wisdom and an incredible ability to heal itself, I call it being your "Own Body Expert." Every day, in practice with my clients, symptoms that they have been tolerating and or medicating for years, will heal. Simply because they’re responding to life's stressors and feeding their bodies differently by applying the process they learn in my Food and Mood Program.

Health is not about restriction, guilt, force, or fear of missing out. Health is falling in love with feeling good. It is a lifestyle that is sustainable because it feels truly and deeply good. As a client, I work with you and your relationship with yourSelf, with your mind, and with your body every step of the way, to get you feeling, being, and radiating healthy.

Work with Me

To learn more about coaching with me in my Food and Mood Program visit my website and sign up for a Free Casual Chat.