Chandra Zas

: Food & Mood Coach

Expert Overview

No Matter if you currently are...
Grabbing the easiest food possible.
Overwhelmed with how much you have to do.
Using snacks and screens to deal with stress or buy you time.
Frustrated with your kid's behavior.
Feeling okay but wanting to feel better and be a health-example for your kids.

I can help you...

Get off the merry-go-round of dis-regulation, disease, and low vibe health.
And get on the high vibe health train that creates the state of health you desire.
Make easy quick meals that taste delicious and are highly nutritious.
Get the family hooked on foods that create great moods.
Learn how to show up grounded even when shit is hitting the fan.
Re-learn how to listen and trust to your bodies’ cues.
Find high-vibe alternatives to alcohol (hint: plant medicine micro-dose coaching available to those interested).

Coaching for Parents and Professionals getting the family's brains focused, regulated, and productive.

  • Change you gut and brain health
  • Crave foods that make you feel good
  • Create moods you want, when you want

Get hooked on foods that create time and energy in your day.

Feel patient and present at 7pm to enjoy your family, kids, and life.

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Learn how to internally reduce physiological stress, fall in love with eating nourishing foods, and become your own body expert.