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Chandra Zas

: Gut Health Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Helping already health-minded people own and optimize their gut and brain health. Do you want to become an expert at your own belly, brain, and body? I have a gut-healthy program that is made to discover the road map of your unique body's optimization.

Work with Me

Click here to schedule a free Gut Health Strategy session with me to see if we are a good fit.

I offer a 6 month 1-1 coaching program that guides you into becoming your own gut health guru for life. Get crystal clear on what is fuel for your body.

I also offer a free 14 day Gut Health ReSet Food Challenge. Click here to learn more and get on the waitlist for the next time I open the challenge.

Your gut (and brain) health does not need to be a mystery.

There is a simple process to understand and optimize your unique gut health.