Chelsea Myers

: Retention and Employee Experience Expert

Expert Overview

I am a founder, coach, speaker, and podcast host. I coach doctors and executives and serve organizations as a Fraction CEEO – nurturing the growth and retention of top talent and fostering successful partnership relationships.

Work with Me

Having developed and executed successful programs in the corporate and educational sectors, I partnered in some dental practices. Applying the principles of leadership that led to stand-out results in other industries, I tailored an approach to best serve the needs of dental professionals.

As a coach, I work with groups to improve areas that impact organizations on a cultural level, leading to increased growth, retention, and productivity. As a Fractional CEEO – Chief Emotional Experience Officer – I consult with organizations on strategy and provide services to encourage positive experiences of doctors and executives through critical phases of employment.

My podcast, Dental Brain Crops, is a resource that includes leadership development tools and burnout prevention strategies, as well as rich conversations with established leaders and entrepreneurs.

Reach out to learn more about services that empower organizations to empower your organization with exceptional culture, growth, and retention through:

- Program Design and Implementation to Support Organizational Growth, Retention, and Culture
- Coaching
- Speaking
- Workshops
- Online courses
- Book [coming soon!]

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