Cheri Alberts

: Eat to Live Nutritarian Health & Weight-Loss Coach

Expert Overview

Cheri is a plant-based Eat to Live coach who helps women between the ages of 40-70 achieve their dreams of following the healthy Eat to Live Nutritarian diet in a consistent, sustainable way, without having to use points systems, apps, food scales, low fat fad diets or any other gimmicks. She combines the nutrition of whole, high-nutrient, plant-based/vegan foods with mindset tools to help women Eat to Live consistently and joyfully. For good.

She runs the popular YouTube channel called The Watering Mouth and creates videos each week with recipes and other amazing, healthy inspiration.

Work with Me

You’re a vibrant woman who is ready to create the health of your dreams. But you don’t want just weight-loss. You’re looking for a healthy eating approach and you want to do so consistently and sustainably to create amazing health outcomes including weight loss, disease prevention/reversal and healthy, active longevity.

Join my popular online community with hundreds and hundreds of other aspiring healthy eaters just like you called the Eat to Live Family.

Learn to Eat to Live and love the process, for good.