Chris Hale

: LGBTQIA+ Confidence Coach

Expert Overview

I help LGBTQ+ creatives and artists take their passion, turn it into purpose, and get paid. As Q+ folx, one of the most subversive things we can do is thrive in a world not tailored to us and our experience. I help my clients learn to silence the internalized noise that zaps our self-confidence as Q+ folx and stops us from playing big and taking up space.

We all rise together when we liberate ourselves and create things that uplift each other.

Work with Me

You are an effing unicorn. You are bold, strong, beautiful, and worthy. Stop letting the social constructs and contracts of the world dictate your level of fulfillment. Step into your truth and become the confident queer that creates the life of their dreams. Click here to find out more about how to work with me.