Christelle Soto-Suarez

: Leadership Life Coach

Expert Overview

I help professionals who want to be more intentional in their life / career but feel stuck, frustrated, or worried about their future – in particular, professionals interested in non-linear, unconventional, international careers, and women in STEM / construction. With my “Empower Yourself” program, I empower them to get the clarity and confidence they need to move forward.

Work with Me

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Why choose me as your coach?

You may look at my coaching specialty, my training and experience…

But, more importantly, you want to “ensure” that you’ll be “comfortable” speaking to me, often opening up your mind and your thoughts in a way you never did before… like feeling that:

  • I can relate to your situation thanks to my own journey;
  • I can understand your goals – especially if your goals are slightly “unconventional”!
  • I have similar values to you;
  • You can be “YOU” in our conversations, because you see that I did my best to stay “ME” in my journey…

Want to know more about me? Check the Pistachio-Cassis Coaching website here!