Christi Davis

: Family Relationship Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Parenting a teenager is not for the faint of heart! It can be so exhausting when you feel like all you ever do is fight and nag at them. It feels like the stakes are high, and you know your role in their lives is crucial. But you're not sure of the right thing to do or say to help them. You worry that you're messing it all up. It's hard to know when to push, and when to back off and let them mess up. You know one thing though... this contention between the two of you can't be right. This is not how you want your relationship to feel.

The reason you're fighting is because you don't know what else to do. You don't have a better strategy, so you get sucked into whatever drama your teenager is creating. I can show you how to stay calm and loving in your interactions. I can help you learn a better way to communicate and connect. I can help you get some clarity about your role as the mom of a teenager, so you'll know when you're doing it right. You'll learn to trust yourself, and have confidence in your parenting. You'll learn how to stop fighting, nagging, and worrying and actually enjoy your teenager!

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