Christie Williams

: Self-Esteem Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women feel genuine confidence.

It’s easy to feel comfortable when you feel good. You can be yourself and don’t mind being a cheeseball.

Shout out to all the cheeseballs out there!

On the flip side, when you feel anxiety, doubt, or fear, you don’t anyone people to see you ‘like that’ unless they’re your BESTIE.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do I look OK?
Did I say something wrong?
What do they think of me?

It makes sense, and it’s not out of your control.

I help women deal with their thoughts and feelings differently.

Your relationships improve because you’re not second guessing what you say or what you did.

You’ll be yourself and have genuine confidence in a conversation with a stranger.

You won’t worry how you’ll feel tomorrow when the alarm goes off.

You don’t go back and forth with what to order on a menu.

You’ll cherish your choices, and feel comfortable in your skin.

You ready? Download my free guide here to feel confident today in 5-Simple Steps.

Work with Me

And if youre ready to feel Genuine Confidence today, schedule a private consultation with me here.

On the consultation, Ill share:

Two things that make you feel worse, and
How to feel genuine confidence daily.

Youll have the tools and support to accomplish your goals and feel your best.

P.S. Thats YOUR best. Not someone else.