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Christie Williams

: Love & Emotional Coach for Women

Coaching Philosophy

I help women LOVE who they are and feel their feelings.
A habit has been created where hiding emotions is the norm and that showing anything but positive on the outside is ‘not having it together.’

Not the case! You are not a robot, gorgeous. You were designed to feel.

Sometimes you won’t feel positive, and that’s OK. Ignoring emotions and trying not to feel makes emotional pain sooo much higher and leaves you asking yourself, ‘Who the heck am I?’ with a big bag of tortilla chips in one hand and a self-development book in the other.

Here are some ways this is showing up. When you:

  • have a loud inner critic who’s calling you dumb or stupid.
  • crave ‘permission’ before making a decision
  • want to do things perfectly. (A = good job)
  • compare yourself to others and who’s popular.
  • punish yourself when you make a mistake.
  • feel pressure to ‘explain’ yourself.
  • worry people will not understand you.
  • feel like you could drown or get trapped in emotions.
  • want to get approval and be liked.
  • think you’re too old or should know this by now.

All this make you feel like it must be YOU? Not to worry! Thousands of women are having this experience, and this is where it ends, lovely.

I created a simple process to unwind overthinking, reduce inner critic gibber-jabber, and feel your emotions in a way that you can be comfortable in your skin. You’ll immediately have the tools to process emotions the way you were designed, so you won’t feel trapped in them.

Sensitive is a superpower! There is a lot of creativity in that mind of yours. When you feel your emotions the way you were made to, all that can come out and create a life you love. It’s not a question of what you want to do in your life; it’s when can I get started?!

Things are about to change. It’s not only possible to be yourself and have a great relationship with your emotions – IT’S TIME!

You ready for this?

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We’ll begin with a deep dive session, looking at the way you talk to yourself, anxiety levels, current relationships, and where you see yourself headed – and make adjustments needed to reduce insecurity & high emotional responses, make confident decisions and create more of what you love. From there we spend the next six months implementing to ensure it’s inevitable.

Once you’re accepted, we’ll do a deeper dive into your unique needs and make a plan for our six months together.

You ready?

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