Christina A. Arnold, MD

: Expert-Certified Coach & Physician Mom

Expert Overview

Feeling better is easier than you think.
It does not require more work. You work hard enough.
Feeling better saves time & energy; it creates BETTER results.
When we don’t feel better, we overwork at the job, at home, and in our minds.
Overworking at the job is 24/7 thinking about the schedule, incessantly checking work email, and bringing work on vacation.
Overworking at home is never allowing yourself to rest, always needing “to be productive”, and not asking for help.
Overworking in our minds is always running the to-do list, waking up at 3:15a in a panic about problems that haven’t even happened yet, and rehashing conversations from 3 days ago.
Overworking is exhausting.
Feeling better is the solution.
Inside my program you learn the skill of feeling better by stop overworking.
Imagine letting go of the constant rush.
Letting your brain rest and be still.
Cuddling the kids without the urge to check the phone.
When we stop overworking, we feel better. Period.
When we feel better, we create BETTER results at work AND at home because we think at a higher level, have more focus, peace & ease, and FUN.
The solution is to be more you.
I can show you how.

Work with Me

You aren’t a failure. You’re a human doing big things.
You aren’t broken. You’re resetting for your next transformation.
You aren’t the problem. You are the solution.
This is the process. Now is the time. Right.Exactly.Now.
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