Christy Towns

: Quit Your Job Career Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that work is so much more than just a job––it’s your livelihood.

It’s an extension of your life and an expression of who you are. It’s how you support your one beautiful life.

But what’s the point of work when you can’t even enjoy the life it’s supporting?

Success isn’t how high you can climb the corporate ladder or how many accolades you receive. It’s about having the career that aligns with your values and fulfills your definition of success and happiness so that you can experience more joy, energy, and freedom. It’s about sharing your gifts and talents with the world through your work so that you can support your life and your soul.

If your career doesn’t make you feel alive... then it’s not your livelihood.

Work with Me

I’m going to teach you something completely different.

You don’t need another resume and cover letter workshop. You don’t need to know how to find a job or how to interview.

You already know how to get a job. That’s not your problem.

The problem is that you want THE job: the career that you were born to do and sets your soul on fire.

The career that drives and motivates you simply because it is tailored to your very own strengths, interests, and passions.

You want a career with a worklife that doesn’t rob you of your precious time here on Earth but gives you more quality time with your family and space for your health––and allows you the freedom to make your own decisions about when, where, and how you work.

And I’m going to teach you how to do it.

I can show you just how capable and remarkable you are by reframing old dysfunctional beliefs that have kept you stuck in fear, self-doubt, and confusion.

I can teach you what following your passion actually looks like so that you can feel confident and proud of what you do.

And most important, I can teach you how to finally give yourself the radical permission to build the life of your dreams by designing a career that aligns with you.

Because the only secret to having a fulfilling career is you.

There will never be a job title, job description, assessment test, organization, or promotion that could ever possibly give your life meaning and purpose.

But you can.

Schedule a complimentary strategy session to start blazing your own trail to the career and life you’ve always dreamed of. True happiness starts here.