Cindy Allred

: Loss to Light Coach After a Loved One’s Death by Suicide

Expert Overview

I help those who have had a loved one die by suicide work through their feelings, continue healing, and find meaning in their life again.

When my husband died by suicide thirteen years ago, I didn’t believe I could ever be truly happy again.  I felt incredible guilt, sorrow, and overwhelm. I did what needed to be done each day but I felt hollow and like I wasn’t really living.

I know now, there is still so much life to live. I have been happily remarried for 10 years with 7 children combined and 8 grandchildren.  I hold close those things I’ve loved and learned from my past while still allowing myself to enjoy the now and get excited about the future.  I have found that joy is available every day.

Work with Me

With experience working as a nurse in a mental health facility, my continuing education on suicide, and learning Life Coaching tools, I am able to help my clients develop courage and confidence, feel hope and peace, and find joy and purpose in their life again.

There is not a better time or greater gift you could give yourself and your family than to gain the emotional tools and learn the skills to find meaning and increase the joy in your life.

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