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Clare SungHae Hahn

: Transformation Life & Business Coach for Women Over 40

Coaching Philosophy

I help women go from just surviving to start THRIVING in life and creating an EXTRAORDINARY MIDLIFE for themselves.

Work with Me

There is a hair makeover, a wardrobe makeover, a body makeover, and even a home makeover.

How about a Life Makeover?

And NOT just any makeover - But one that completely transforms your life from the inside out and supercharges every aspect of your life from self-confidence to relationships to emotional and mental health to personal leadership.

This deep, personalized, and targeted 1:1 private coaching will equip you with the essential METASKILLSETS & MINDSETS you need to redesign your life and take charge of your future.

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We'll talk about where you are now, where you want to go and the life you want to create, and then how we can bridge the gap and make it a reality for you.

I promise these 60-minutes are going to be the most empowering, well-spent time of your day.

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