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Clare SungHae Hahn

: Transformative Life and Mindset Coach for Women over 40

Coaching Philosophy

Hi there! My name is Clare.

I am a Transformative Life and Mindset Coach helping female professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs go from a survival mode to a THRIVING MODE in their personal and professional life.

I combine 15+ years of corporate management, operational leadership, real entrepreneurship experience into my life coaching practice to equip women over 40 with the mindset and skillsets they need to become the architect of their own life.

This means I can help you not only navigate through particular challenges and obstacles in your personal and professional life but also help create the life you truly desire and the lifestyle you know you are meant to have through evidence-based, actionable  coaching tools and teachings.

With this type of root-case-based coaching modality, the results you can expect are quite impactful and even transformative.

  • A greater sense of clarity and direction in life.
  • A sense of empowerment in themselves as well as in any life and business goals they pursue.
  • An improved and enriched relationship in their lives.
  • Reinventing themselves and redesigning their lives from the inside out.

These are just some of the results my clients get when they work with me.

As many of my clients say, if they can do it, anyone can do it too!

And I am here to help and serve every step of the way. Now, let's do this together.

Work with Me

I really believe especially for us women, life does begin at 40, and up until then, we are just doing research.

If you are ready for a fresh new start and want to take your life to the next level, then let's chat!

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You have mastered survival mode. Now it's time to THRIVE.

Let's do this. I am here to help you become the leader of your own life you are meant to be.

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