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Claudine Holt, M.D.

: Mindset & Embodiment Coach for Women in Medicine

Coaching Philosophy

I am The Embodied M.D. and I help women in medicine who struggle with burnout, overwhelm, and stress learn to honor themselves so they can create a life and career they love.


Work with Me

Did you know burnout is fueled by your social conditioning as a woman?

Society upholds a masculine way of working as the norm.

You’ve been taught that your value comes from your achievements. That it’s all about what you do rather than who you are.

So you feel this constant pressure to perform and produce. And it keeps you on the hamster wheel over-giving, over-functioning, and over-working.

But this way of working is completely counter-intuitive to your biology as a woman…

No wonder you’re burned out.

If this is you, nothing has gone wrong.  Burnout is optional--and completely fixable.

I help women in medicine shift burnout, overwhelm and stress from the inside out to create a life and career they love.

You don’t have to quit your current job or quit medicine altogether to recover from burnout. In fact, the actual solution to burnout isn’t outside of you at all.

You already have everything within you to shift burnout from the inside out. That happens when you redefine success on your terms and honor your body’s natural way of working.

Cognitive psychology-based tools + feminine embodiment theory will create a massive internal shift for you.

It’s actually a simple process—and I can teach it to you.

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