Colleen Mitchell

: Coach for Novelists

Expert Overview

The world's largest collection of stories is in the graveyard. Don't let yours join them.

How long have you been dying to write a novel, but can't figure out where to start? Good news! You can finish your first draft in 60 days... and self-publish in a fraction of the time it takes to publish traditionally.

I help people who desperately want to hold their stories in their hands, but are tired of staring at the blank page, wishing they knew how to begin.

Work with Me

I've seen writers stall out at every stage from a combination of confusion, worry about what others will think, doubt that their writing is "good enough", and endless frustration about what to do next.

To catapult your writing journey, even if you already have a partial draft, join The 60-Day Novel Writing Challenge. We invite challengers to a 3-month coaching and critique group that helps you bust through the overwhelm, decision paralysis, and writer's block that affect us all.

I've written and self-published the first two books in my YA fantasy series (and am working on the third), host a podcast called The Novel Writing Podcast, and work with authors of any genre to trust themselves with the ideas that came to them.