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Crystal Agyei

: Mindset Coach for WOC Entrepreneurs

Coaching Philosophy

I want the success of a WOC entrepreneur and representation in business to be the standard and no longer a unicorn occurrence.  With my coaching practice, I serve to help my clients transcend the self and system limitations so they can show up unapologetically, cultivate their inner CEO, set the foundations for a successful business and become the representation we all need.

We are all one thought away from changing our entire lives.

Representation matters and our time is now.

Work with Me

If you identify as a WOC female looking to support a fellow WOC for life and business coaching - she is me.

Whether you're in the idea phase & don't know where to start or you are in your first few years of business doing all the things but haven't had the results you desire - check me out.

There are a number of business programs on strategy but I'm here to give you a different flavor through mindset coaching with my signature offer: The BIPOC Business Program.

We will do the work that matters, especially as it pertains to WOC, and it WILL be everlasting. Deep. Beautiful. Worthy of your time.

How we do one thing is how we do all things. This work will up-level every area in your life - I'm sure of it.

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