Crystal Thompson

: Weight-Loss Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

I help female entrepreneurs lose weight permanently

You’re not overweight because you don’t have enough willpower or motivation. You’re also not overweight because you don’t know enough about diets and working out.

You’re overweight because you regularly eat more than your body requires.  Now.  Your brain might kick up a bit of fuss at that statement, but only because you think it’s bad news.

This statement is very good news because you get to narrow your weight-loss focus.  You can stop wasting time and energy looking for the perfect diet and exercise plan.  You can get to the real root of the weight: WHY you’re overeating.

Once you understand the root cause of overeating, you can fix it.  This is 100% possible for you.  I know because I’ve done it.

I dieted for 27 years with zero lasting results.  When I understood why I was overeating and figured out how to stop, I lost 25 pounds.  That was 7 years ago.

Since then I've taught women what the diet industry cannot teach us: how to overcome overeating so that they lose weight permanently.

Imagine how much easier it will be to lose weight when you:

  • No longer struggle with overeating
  • Stop starting over on Monday
  • Quit trying to solve the problem with another diet

I will teach you how to overcome overeating and coach you to your goal weight.

Work with Me

I am a private, one-to-one coach, which means that you get individualized attention and support from me, and only me.

What you'll find working with me is that I don't waste time.  I am here to get you weight-loss results that last.  You'll find me honest, direct and loving all at the same time.  You’ll also find that I believe in you 100%, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

Each client relationship begins with a consultation call.

We'll meet on ZOOM to discuss where you are now and your weight-loss goal.   You'll get a taste of personalized weight-loss coaching and an introduction to my proven one-on-one program.

CLICK HERE to schedule your consult call with me.