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Dani Brinkerhoff

: High Performance Coach for Perfectionist Athletes

Coaching Philosophy

As an athlete, you only need ONE person to believe in you to become unstoppable. That person is YOU. Trusting and believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give not just you, but also your teammates, your coaches, your family, and your friends. Building this relationship with yourself is FUN and is what will help you live your best life!

Work with Me

I see you. Always being hard on yourself. Trying to prove yourself. Always overthinking. You want everything to be PERFECT. Many times, you come close. To others, you seem put together and confident. So why do you feel doubtful, anxious, and stressed?  Does anyone know the REAL you? Do you? You know you're capable of so much more. But the truth is, it is exhausting. No matter what you do, it is never enough. If you're ready to try a different approach, I've got you. Success is quite simple and change can happen in an instant. I've created a game plan to help you train your mind like you train your body. It's called the Peak Performance Membership. Mindset mastery is achieved through daily practice. Being prepared isn't half the battle, it IS the battle. Train your mind so your body can do what it was born to do. Learn to increase your motivation, perform under pressure, get better faster, and so much more by joining the membership. Not only that, but included is 1-on-1 coaching sessions to create a game plan that is right for you.

Supplementary 1-on-1 programs are available in addition to the membership.