Dawn Ledet

: The Self Trust Coach

Coaching Philosophy

3-3-1 Approach to Achieving Any Goal

3 gaps to fill
3 skills to develop
1 trait to hone


Whatever is getting in the way of you achieving what you want falls into 3 gaps:
1. Belief gap
2. Knowledge gap
3. Skill gap

And once we identify where each belongs, you can start filling them with the 3 skills required to achieve anything:
1. Make decisions
2. Follow through
3. Have your own back

And each skill is fueled by self trust.
And each skill builds self trust.

The result is a cycle of trust-built achievement that makes any goal inevitable.

And it starts with building on the skills you already have while honing and developing your ability to trust yourself.

So go ahead and file "stuck" under belief gap and reach out when you are ready to take the mystery out of achieving what you want.

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