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Dawn Ziegerer

: Relationship Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women in relationships conquer emotional baggage instead of ruining the connection to themselves and their romantic partners. My 12-step program is called "Make Baggage Your Bitch." Women who are sick of the behavior pattern they find themselves in love this program.

When I got into my current relationship, I felt so unsafe and anxious. I had so much emotional baggage to work through because of what happened in my second divorce. Now, I feel like a different person. I use a special tool called "The Investigator" to get to the bottom of the "emotional baggage bombs" we experience when triggered. Feeling like crap in a relationship, that you got into to feel good, just doesn't make any sense.

Trust me, you can feel better. A whole new relationship is out there waiting for you.

Work with Me

I offer a complimentary mini-session to women I have not worked with before. If you'd like to see how my program works, please head here.

You'll be able to see my short video series "3 tips for getting over emotional baggage" and schedule your session. Hope to see you soon.