Deb Anderson

: Life & Leadership Coach

Expert Overview

I help People maintain or reclaim their health through
Whole Food Plant Based Living

I use my 12 years of experience to help you do this in weeks not years
We make it Simple + Easy & Fun
We make it doable in your real life

If this is what you want to do then Simply Planted is for you
It’s not about living longer
It’s about LIVING and Feeling Well for your WHOLE life

It’s about staying healthy and free of medications that make you Feel Terrible
(I’ve watched relatives go down this road - it is not FUN)

You might be told, it’s just bad genes, it’s not your fault
But - we know today - that Gene expression is influenced by lifestyle & environment

If you are wanting to prevent disease
OR have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer (yes even cancer)
Your Lifestyle Matters - This is GOOD news - You can do this - You can LOVE Whole Plant Foods
Learn how and all about Whole Food Plant Based LIVING inside my signature small group coaching program
Simply Planted
I will be there when you are ready

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