Deb Malkin

: Pain Recovery Coach

Expert Overview

I believe recovery from chronic pain and chronic conditions is possible.

Because pain, while felt in the body, is actually created by the brain.

Without understanding the relationship between the mind & body we can unconsciously create habits that keep our pain pathways turned on long after an injury has healed or an event is over. This holds true for many chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and for emotional overwhelm and anxiety.

Together we get friendly with your nervous system and create reliable practices that you can apply on your own which will change your relationship with your body forever: busting health anxiety + catastrophizing habits, creating new neural patterns to replace the ones that drive the pain response regardless of how long you've been suffering.

I’ve helped clients heal themselves from years of persistent migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety and more.
If you have a human brain.
You have neural pathways.

Together we can retrain your brain away from chronic pain and towards the life you want to enjoy.

Work with Me

The first part of my one on one program is centered around pain science education delivered simply (and dare I say fun?) through bite size videos and simple skills based practices.

Then we have integration time, which is our weekly 1 on 1 coaching calls. We talk about your pain history, get cozy with your conditioned responses and begin in a nervous system friendly way to uncover the areas around your body, pain, old injuries and so on that are keeping the alarm bell of pain ringing.

One of my program participants relieved her 20 years of migraines in 3 weeks. She feels confident that she has the ability to address recurring pain (hello still human) at the root and not just managing symptoms. If you've been to doctors for years only finding treatments that are shots, medication or surgery, the neuroplastic approach to pain recovery is a possible path to healing.

I'm a trained bodyworker, restorative movement specialist and student of Dr. Howard Schubiner, a leading mindbody physician and author of Heal Your Pain. My program is trauma/nervous system informed, HAES, LGBTQIA+ friendly, personalized, fun, hope generating and affirming.

Also available is General Life Coaching with a focus on emotional awareness/emotional health.