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Debbie Shadid

: Business Growth Coach for Women Over 50

Coaching Philosophy

I help women over 50 grow their businesses.

Something special happens when you turn 50. Your passion soars, you want more, you're not afraid to bet on yourself,  and you're willing to go all-in.

I know you. I've grown two 6 figure companies and also surpassed the BIG 50.  You matter to me. I'm ready to help you set the world on fire.

I'll walk you through a process of self-discovery and expansion of your self-concept. It's the guiding light for your business development and growth.

You'll feel empowered and learn what makes you truly special.  It's fuel for your marketing and business growth.

If you're new in business or needing a refresh and reset? Either way, we'll get it done.

We'll touch on all areas of your business.

Over 50, self-confident, self-assured, and creating consistent cash flow? YES, you can do it.


  • Expanded self-concept.
  • Create confidence in marketing.
  • Growth in your client base.
  • Eliminate to-do's that don't move your business forward.
  • You'll become the CEO of your business.

Work with Me

Over 50 and ready to grow?

We'll get it done— with simple steps. Join me in the Women's Business Growth Academy or choose 1:1 VIP Private Coaching.

I'll walk you through the self-concept expansion.

You will have clarity and certainty about your business.

We'll explore your business goals and make a plan to get you there!

Being stuck on how to market and get noticed to book more clients - will be a thing of the past.

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